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Nourishing flowers scent, personal care for youth. Vcnic shower cream relaunch
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               On August 24, 2018, Vcnic shower cream product launch conference was held in Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Guangzhou. After Maer was acquired by WIPRO Group, a multinational company with annual turnover for more than $10 billion, Vcnic which is one of the key shower brand relaunched with new enhanced formulation contains unique ingredient – natural flowers concentrate, which derived from the advanced technology offering consumers with brand-new shower experience. The restage has delivered a strong message Vcnic brand has the persistency to strengthen its market position in China market.

Natural health ingredients, unchanged believe for 22 years

Vcnic as a well-known brand which has been in the market for 22 years, it rekindled the youth memories of many people. The culture of bathing with petal flowers has a long history. It can be traced back since ancient Egypt 2000 years ago. Scientific research has proven that the flowers concentrate contains rich active molecules, able to clean and moisturize body skin and its fragrances bring relaxation, a pleasant & refreshing feeling. Natural flowers concentrate, with extracted essence blended into shower products is Vcnic persisted principle. The new Vcnic brand has drawn attention from numerous media as well as similar or related industries. Vcnic is a famous brand with strong consumer base and brand loyalty. Everyone is looking forward to a new upgraded Vcnic product range which brings youthful and pleasant shower experience. 

Mr.Nagender Arya, The Regional Director for East Asia, Europe & Africa of WIPRO Consumer Care,said: "Wipro has a world-class R&D center focuses on the development of high-quality personal care and skin care technologies, especially for Asian women's skin. China is the most promising market in the world, and of course the priority market is also China. In the past few years, Wipro has invested significantly in China market, and will continue to support Zhongshan Maer to build a stronger personal care business in China.

Technology transformation and innovation, endeavoring efficacy

In the past 22 years, Vcnic has been focusing on flowers bath experience, to keep up with consumer trends, and always adheres to the natural flowers concentrate formulation, emphasize on natural health, fresh and natural fragrance. Vcnic is able to offer various shower products to fulfill different consumers’ need. In terms of product functionality, Vcnic rides on best-in-class Wipro R&D Centers in Malaysia to develop new formulation which can better retain the flowers essence, provide a protection layer for skin, leaving skin soft & tender. Through cooperation with internationally renowned perfume houses, we are able to source for high-quality flowers, extract nourishing active molecules and flower essence which blend in shower formulation perfectly. Vcnic always pursues the best shower experience, constantly upgrades the efficacy of shower products through modern technology, offering a better quality personal care product to consumers.

During the conference event, we’ve invited a group of website KOL youth who are also Vcnic brand supporters, dressed up in eye-catching flower fairies fashion to draw audiences’ attention. We have also engaged the local popular girl performers group named GNZ48, whom also a spokesperson of Guangzhou culture. These again brought across a message Vcnic brand has strong persistency to strengthen its market position in the youth segment. Going forward, Vcnic has a robost plan to penetrate into new generation market by leveraging on internet & social media campaigns as well as integrating with digital based ground activities.

Introduction of WIPRO group

WIPRO Group is a global group company headquartered in India, listed in India and New York, with annual turnover of more than $10 billion and global employees of more than 200,000. It operates in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and owns 30 well-known consumer goods brands.

Mr Nagender Arya, The Regional Director for East Asia, Europe & Africa of Wipro Consumer Care 

Mr Nagender Arya joined Wipro Group after obtaining an MBA degree from the Narsee Monjee School of Management Studies in Bombay in 1991. He has been responsible for marketing, business development, human resources and other projects in India. He has been responsible for corporate mergers and acquisitions since 2002. He has acquired more than a dozen multinational enterprises worldwide, including Unza, Yardley London, and LD Waxson. He began to serve as the regional director of the consumer goods department of Wipro in East Asia, Europe and Africa in 2009.

Ms Sara Li, Senior President for China Division of Wipro Consumer Care 

Ms Sara Li graduated from University of Stirling, UK and obtained a full-time MBA. She joined WIPRO UNZA Group in 1997 and has been working in this organization for 21 years. Sara possesses rich experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. She is now as the senior president of Wipro Consumer Care for China, responsible for the personal care and household business management of Wipro Unza Cathay Ltd, Wipro Unza (Guangdong) Consumer Products Ltd and Zhongshan Maer Daily Products Ltd which cover a wide range of well-known brands likes Enchanteur, Romano, Enear, Vcnic, Zici, Pahnli, Vigor and etc.